Monday, January 1, 2007

My Profile - Kin Lane - Social Media Squad

The Social Media Squad was one of my "as I am going to bed thoughts". These are usually thoughts that enter in my head before I am going to bed and I lay there for hours unable to go to sleep.

After spending several hours digesting my daily fill of 200+ blogs I pulled the reports on tags I use and the patterns across what I notice out there in the blogosphere. I really came across some strong patterns in social media marketing that I wanted to explore further.

Something that really helps me pursue an idea is to breathe real life into the project so I take it seriously, and hopefully others will to. So with this in mind I set up 10 web sites and one parent site to encompass them all using the Original Web Solutions architecture. My goal is to help flush out the current state of the social networking market to:

  • Establish requirements for better designed and positioned social network platforms.
  • Create programs and environments to encourage “pro-users” and developers to creates tools, add-ons, widgets, etc.
  • Influence and direct media and industry leader perspectives
  • Understand, influence and direct usage of social networking platforms by individuals, businesses and government

I am establishing this by building a database to house, develop and evolve research on:

  • Social Networking Platforms – Overview, usage, ranking, features, API definition and more.
  • Social Networking Tools – Browser add-ons, toolbars, widgets, and mobile interfaces.
  • Social Networking Press & Discussions – Blogs, News, Whitepapers and Discussion
  • Social Network Case Studies – Personal, Hobbyist, Small Business, Enterprise, Non Profit, and Government / Municipal
  • Industry / Sector Reports

There are several Social Networking areas I am conducting this research on:

My primary goal is to get past the hype and produce a clear snapshot of the industry and produce case studies and reports across all areas and business sectors for use in social networking application development and really establish what the next steps in social networking are and possibly influence where the industry is going.

Stay tuned for more as I find more time for my research and get other parties involved.