Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Launch RSS from Blog on Web Site

I was looking for a quick way to get our Social Media Squad blog on the home page and feature area on our new Social Media Squad web site.

I wanted it to be a real-time feed, so I chose to go with a JavaScript RSS Feed, and I quickly found Feed2JS.

I was able to select:
  • URL of the RSS Feed
  • Number of items to display
  • Amount of RSS description to show
  • Show item posting date
  • Open links in a new window
I is nice to just find quality simple tools available out there in cyberspace that you can use to make your life easier...and get work done.

Latest Wordpress

I was just helping Ahren launch the new Social Media Squad Blog, and we are using the new Wordpresss.

I am really impressed with the functionality. I was able to combine several blogs over the past couple years into one. I did it in minutes.

The interface is very well done. I will review more...

Explaining What Social Media Is

I am constantly explaining to people what social media is and what social media marketing is. So it is great when I come across great visual explanations for people.

Looking Through NPR's API / Toolset

I am an NPR addict. I have a serious problem...I admit it. I measure the productivity of my day on how many of their programs I actually manage to listen to. Ok that is out of the way.

Anyways, I was looking through their new API and Tools section and I am intrigued by it. Not sure exactly what I would do with it yet.

They offer access to audio, text, images and other web only content from as far back as 1995. This archive consists of over 250,000 stories that are grouped into more than 5,000 different aggregations.

Good stuff. I wish more media companies would put their assets online, would be a great way to revitalize their libraries and interest in their operations.

Though I may not think of a great mashup or way to remix this content there are users who would, why not give them the data and tools.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Using Your Social Network Education Profile

I was just going through linked for our business social media squad. I came up with a use for the education part of your profile.

I will start recording everything new we learn as a company...and publish.

Seems it would show good in the search results?

LinkedIn Lately..

I just signed up for a business account for our business Social Media Squad. I'm curious what it will bring me. I think LinkedIn is on a good path, they are moving to provide more value to us business owners.

I've started monitoring the questions and answers on LinkedIn more. I find a lot of valuable information on there and make some good connections as well.

Most people I connect with on an answer usually add me as a connection.

I'm going to play around with training myself to remember questions I have and start posting questions as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Companies and their Understanding Social Media

I just got off a conference call with a big, well known manufacturer. They are launching a new "viral campaign" this fall.

I came to the table with many social and viral ideas including widgets and a simple / slick OpenSocial / Facebook application.

They weren't interested. They wanted to start small and keep things focused and manageable. Which makes sense. Except there was nothing viral about the campaign except that the word viral was used everywhere.

I understand that big brands are wary of Social Media Marketing, and taking small manageable baby steps in the beginning is important. However you should call it what it is. Online marketing, not viral social media marketing.

Just venting after the call.....getting down my thoughts.