Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Postponing API Strategy and Practice in NYC Due to #sandy

Dear API Strategy Attendee,

As you know we've been tracking the weather events affecting New York. Up until now we've been hoping to run the event much as planned and working around the logistics issues that have come up.

We were hoping for better news this morning but the situation in New York is still very serious with extensive storm damage, mass-transit and airports with uncertain reopening times and in some areas there are still emergency rescue situations on-going. There has already been significant travel disruption and it looks set to get worse (none of the event team has yet been been able to get to New York and a number of speakers are already unable to fly).

As a result we've had to take the tough decision to postpone the event and not run it this week. It's very dissapointing for everybody we realize (not least the team) and we'd wanted to fight through and make everything work but as of this time:

- We don't think we'd be able to run much of the program and hence the event would
  not reach the great potential it had.

- There are safety concerns and for people traveling very possible serious travel chaos.

Lastly, people on the ground in the city likely have other things to focus on than the event - staying safe and securing everything.

So if you were planning to travel, please do not - the event won't take place unfortunately. However, this is a postponement and the event will definitely take place - we're committed to making it happen and making it happen in New York. We will get back to you with new dates and consultation in the next few days.

We will certainly work with speakers and sponsors to make sure the program is just as good and likely even better + we'll aim to do it as proximately as possible given people's logistics.

All tickets will remain valid for the new event when it runs, however if dates do not fit for you we will reimburse you. We'll keep you posted on that news.

Our apologies from the team that we've had to take this decision but we really see no other option. We'll be back with news as soon as we can on a new date / time / venue and in the meantime we hope everybody stays safe.

We thank everybody for the awesome support and advice -

Kin, Steve and Vanessa

from API Evangelist http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ApiEvangelist/~3/1U86Rem-5Hw/

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