Friday, June 7, 2013

Add Or Update Your

You have the power to update your own profile on the #ReclaimOpen Github repository, by editing and submitting a pull request. Here are some steps you will need to consider to accomplish this.

Github Repository -

  1. Github Account (Skip If You Have One)
  2. Github Client
    1. Mac -
    2. Windows -
  3. Fork Repository to Your Github
  4. Clone #ReclaimOpen Repository
    1. Clone to local folder on your machine
    2. Edit the people.html page locally
  5. Submit Pull Request
    1. Github Help -

Here is a video walkthrough of the process as I update my own profile on the people.html page.

UPDATE: Edit the hackathon.html page NOT the people.html page!! I messed up!!

from /2013/04/10/add-or-update-your-reclaimopen-profile-at-the-github-site

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